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March 28: Hint--yo-ho--

There was this girl
Who loved this boy
He was everything
She enjoyed

He didn’t know
About the crush
He thought it
Was all just lust

2 years later her
Death appeared
He was screaming
Out all his tears

Those years he
Had fallen in love
But now she will
Watch him from above

He bought her
A diamond ring
And needed to tell
Her that one thing

He wanted her
To be able to see
That she was the one
He should marry

He still wanted
To tell
And knew he
Couldn’t fail

So he took
His own life
With the most
Sharpest knife

Cut deep in
His vein
Took all of
The pain

With that he
Had died
On that same
Exact night

To be with
His love
In the myths
From above