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Warning: I deleted all the other things that I had on the interaction part of the site.  I forgot to take the interact part off of the navigation so I just had it link to the stories part of the site.  I decided not to delete the stories and poems part of the site, because it was stuff I wrote down so it's still here.

Stories and Poems
Green Eyes

(story) - Ash's girlfriend breaks up with him.  She comes back to him because of those green eyes.  ..::By Alyssa Lea::..

Last Kiss

(story) - If you have ever heard of the song "Last Kiss" by Pearl Jam that's basically what the story is like.  *Weird: I wasn't even thinking of that song while I wrote it, I only named it last kiss because in the story it talks about him giving his girlfriend one last kiss, then I realized how the story is kind of like the song*  ..::By Alyssa Lea::..

Fighting My Way Out

(poem) - It's kind of just about being mad at something and that thing makes you sad at the same time.  It's almost like you want to kill yourself and know that no one will take notice or even care somewhat.  *I don't really know what it's about, I just sat down with pen and paper and those are the words that were written when I was done.*  ..::By Alyssa Lea::..

(poem) - This girl is in love with this guy and he didn't like her, then after she died he realized how much he did love her and he never got to tell her.  ..::By Alyssa Lea::..