Opened: April 28th, 2005
Webmistress: Alyssa Lea
Contact Me: gothictear88
Season: Three
Featuring: Jack Sparrow
Layout: Pirates Life
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Nominating: Closed
Voting: Closed
March 28: Hint--yo-ho--



Best New Site - Your site has to be only 6 months or less old

Best Old Site - Your site has to be 6 months or older

Best Content - Your content is well written and not Lyke ThIs

Best Domain - Your site is .com, .org, or other

Best Hosted - Your site is hosted by another site

Best Unhosted - Your site is tripod, freewebs, etc.

Best Webbie - You're a proud owner of your site and nice to the visitors

Best Layout - Has to be created by yourself

Best Personal - Your site is about yourself

Best Fanlisting - A site for others to join and represent something they like

Best Female Site - Your site is about any female

Best Male Site - Your site is about any male

Best Awards Site - Your site is something like this with rules, nominees, and voting

Best Graphics - You made the graphics yourself

Best Site Name - You have a good name for your site

Most Organized - You have everything so people can find it easily

Most Updated - You update your site at least twice a week