Opened: April 28th, 2005
Webmistress: Alyssa Lea
Contact Me: gothictear88
Season: Three
Featuring: Jack Sparrow
Layout: Pirates Life
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Nominating: Closed
Voting: Closed
March 28: Hint--yo-ho--

About Gothic Awards

Why I made it:

I've looked at other awards sites and I think it's awesome how they can just have it featuring whatever celebrity they want at the time.  Plus, it looked really easy to make because all you need is rules, nominations, voting and stuff like that so you already know what's going to be on the site then after that you don't have to add really anything else until you get a nomination.

What I have learned about making an awards site:

While looking at other awards sites, I thought it would be really easy to make it all.  Ha, now that I've gone through it all I've realized it's alot harder then it looks.  First, of all my layout isn't as good as everyone else that has an awards site, I haven't messed with html and photo impact long enough to even know how to make a really good layout, but when I do it'll show.  I am satisfied with this site so far though.

Other sites I have made:

I have made tons of sites which now don't work, been deleted, or I forgot the url to the site anyways.  I've made a Lita and Jeff Hardy site which doesn't work and then I switched it to just a Lita site cause having two people is to much to update about then I gave up on it.  I had a website about things I like, but got to lazy to finish it, I had another awards site before this I really don't remember what it was called.  But it never got finished.  I've made some sites with my friend that have never got finished.  I've made a website about Avril.  Guess What! That site also never got finished, but the link is http://goth-avril.tripod.com really sucky.  So basically as you can see most of my sites I have ever made in my life I have never finished.  I think this is probably the very first one.  I'm very proud of myself on it too. Although there would be alot of things I would change about it, oh well going to be satisfied for now then see what next seasons turns out to look like.

Why would I waste my time making it:

Do you really think I have anything better to do with my time?  I probably should, but I don't, because my boyfriends usually at his house so I get on yahoo to talk to him and while I'm on I just decide to make a site and here it is so be happy it's here and nominate yourself, vote, or become an affiliate.