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Webmistress: Alyssa Lea
Contact Me: gothictear88
Season: Three
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March 28: Hint--yo-ho--

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The Basic Crap
Name: Alyssa Ricklefs
Birthday: November 29
Age: 16
Gender: Female 
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Religion: I'm not quite sure what my religion is.  I'm thinking about becoming Wicca, but it's a serious task to take on.  Who knows?  I might get to lazy to research everything and remain agnostic
Boyfriend: Kerry Pollman, very sexy

Favorite Shit
Subjects: Web Design
Object: computer
Sports: Auto-Racing and Wrestling
Brand: Tripp NYC
Show: Viva La Bam and Jackass
Person: my boyfriend, Kerry
Software: Photo Impact Pro 8.5
Site: Myspace

Flower: Black rose
Quote: "If love proves real, two people who are meant to be toegether, nothing can keep them apart" Sarah on The Crow.
Band: HIM, 69 Eyes, 30 Seconds to Mars
Artist: Avril Lavigne
Actress: Rachel McAdams
Actor: Johnny Depp

Hate it
Subject: Art(because of our teacher Mr. Monopoly)
Sports: Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Baseball, basically all sports
Brand: Converse, just because everyone is wearing them now. It used to be for the 'punk' kids. Now I see preps and shit at my school wearing it. I also hate Starter, just because I do. Nike is played out, overworn, whatever the hell you want to call it. I hate most sport brands.
Show: to many 
Person: Tiffany Pollman
Flowers: Daisies, they just bore me
Band: The Killers, basically most of the new mainstream that's coming out.
Artist: Hilary Duff, fucking stick to acting. It makes sense for a artist to become an actress or actor because they have to act in their videos. Just because you're an actress or actor doesn't mean you have the voice to sing. Trust me Duff has already proved that.
Actress: Helen Hunt, she just looks like a mouse and it bugs me
Actor: Will Ferrell